Annual Nite Regattas

Nite Nationals

When: 1st Full weekend of January, then delayed weekly until End of March

Regatta Order

Nite’s compete in two major regattas and dozens of regional and local races. The two national regattas are the ISA (International Skeeter Association) and the INCA National Championship Regatta (Nite Nationals). Nite Nationals are scheduled for the third weekend in January. 

However…Ask any experienced iceboater and you’ll learn that there’s a fine line between “scheduled” and “called ON.” It’s all about a pecking order for ice that’s based on seniority and tradition. Here’s how this works as regatta organizers search for suitable sheets of ice. It begins with the Northwestern Ice Yachting Association, “The Northwest,” established in 1913 is called on for the third weekend in January and, because of tradition, takes precedence over the other major regatta, the ISA. Because the Stern Steerer’s compete in the Northwest, they need a lot of ice both in thickness and area. Nite’s don’t sail in the Northwest so if that regatta is called ON it’s likely Nite Nationals will be called ON, either on the same sheet of ice or elsewhere. Lately, the big sheets of ice required by the Northwest aren’t ready until February so the Northwest may be postponed.  

Enter the ISA. Normally the ISA is called on for two weeks after the Northwest. However, if there’s not enough ice for the Northwest, it’s likely the ISA will be called on. Because of Nite’s race is a separate class in the ISA our Nationals will be postponed until the following weekend. Finally, if both the Northwest and ISA are postponed, then it’s possible that Nite Nationals will be called on. What’s the timeline? A preliminary call for each of these regattas is made by noon on Monday prior to the regatta. The Northwest and ISA must be called ON or postponed by Noon on the Wednesday before the regatta. Nite Nationals must be called ON by noon on Thursday prior to the regatta. Confused? 

Here’s what to do:

1. Clear your calendar for most weekends in January, February, and March. Keeping plans flexible for Fridays is a good idea too.

2. Sharpen your runners

3. Get your gear together

4. Check your e-mail and all the websites on Monday.

5. Wait till Wednesday at Noon CST for your first clue about where we’re going

6. Stay tuned to for future updates.


Nite Nationals is 3rd in line for Ice Priority. That Means the Northwest Regatta and the International Skeeter Association Regatta get 1st dibs. The peeking order is as follows:

If the Northwest is called ON, we will need to determine if there is enough ice for both the Northwest and the INCA.  

If the Northwest is postponed, the ISA may be called on.

If the ISA calls on, then we go into postponement because we can not hold our regatta on the same weekend

Nite’s race as a separate class at the ISA

If however, both the Northwest and ISA go into postponement, then we’ll run our regatta.

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